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CrownLifestyle.Net is a state-of-the-art e-commerce platform that gives members the freedom, flexibility and unparalleled convenience to earn, shop, save and transact online.  Shopping OnlineThrough a transferable lifetime membership, members can avail of a bounty of perks and privileges, hot discounts and great deals, and the opportunity to earn in multiple and meaningful ways. 

A world of possibilities is right at your fingertips from divine dining and pampering options, and various sports, fitness and entertainment facilities to more_shoppingexceptional hotel accommodations in six key destinations in the Philippines and more than 6,000 resorts around the globe.

CrownLifestyle.Net is a

  • Profit Center
  • Lifestyle Hub
  • Virtual Office

Our Company

CrownLifestyle.Net harnesses the power and passion of J. King & Sons Company Inc. a globally recognized company that offers outstanding products and services in key business and leisure destinations.  Known for innovation, exemplary service to external and internal customers, and superior financial performance, it is making its mark in the industry through real estate development, hotel operations, health and leisure, and now, e-Commerce.

The company portfolio currently includes new properties, registered historic landmarks, exceptional convention hotels, luxurious resorts and a Spa & Lifestyle club.  It also operates drive-in hotels strategically located in key cities nationwide, and indoor sports and fitness facilities, laundry service, condominium towers and prominent vertical developments such as the Fuente Triangle Realty Development, Ultima Residences and CityLoft.