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Additional Benefits for Vital C Members

Vital C Health Products, Inc. believes in giving Filipinos from all walks of life an opportunity to achieve financial freedom. This means being able to earn a clean and sufficient living for your family. To one day be able to buy a house and a car. To be debt-free. To eventually travel abroad and save for the future.

Vital C empowers their members to go beyond expectations. Their excellent line of beauty and wellness products works so well that it’s easy to stand by them and share them with as many people as possible.

Their proactive management offers training and support through various initiatives and activities. Team leaders work hard to inspire and motivate. They continuously innovate so they can deliver exciting and highly beneficial products that will lead to your success.
Vital C started its operation in 2008 and in its 3 years of activity, it has gain more than 50,000 members in its network. To date, it has produced 5 Grand Masters earning 15 M above, 8 President Club Members earning 5 M and more than 65 members earning 1 M above. This proves how well accepted and effective Vital C products are in the market.
It is in this belief that CrownLifestyle.Net has linked its network to the Vital C network. CrownLifestyle.Net believes that its members can also gain from the excellent products for their health and also in the business aspect.

CrownLifestyle. Net encourages its members to be also a member of the Vital C network and gain additional benefits just by purchasing a Vital C Starter Package worth P6,944 or 24,000 RWV. And to keep it active monthly just by purchasing Vital C products worth P1,000 or 3,500RWV.

A. Active Vital C Members get 20% more on Referral Fee Direct (RFD) for Vital C Members (V-LIne)
Regular Member - P1,000 (Every One (1) Referral) | Active Vital C Member - P1,200 (Every One (1) Referral)

B. Active Vital C Members also get 20% More Repeat Sales Direct (RSD)

Vital C Benefits

C. Existing Vital C Gift Certificates are accepted in CrownLifestyle.Net

Vital -C members who are now members of CrownLifestyle.Net can use their existing Vital C Gift Certificates in all repeat sales categories of the CrownLifestyle.Net. It has the same equivalent of the CrownLifestyle.Net reward voucher(RWV). CrownLifestyle.Net ID must be presented when redeeming Vital C vouchers.